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Around the world have a lot of beautiful destination. It is such a difficult choice for anyone who would like to travel. And one of the countries we recommend you should visit which is Japan.
How you can get a tourist visa. Do not worry, we – HNH Consultancy and Development always by side you and support as good as possible for you. Please kindly find the documents for “Applying for Tourist visa in Japan” as below:

Documents requirement:
1. Passport;
2. 01 photo 4.5cmx4.5cm (The white color of background)
3. Proof of work as follows:
- If the applicant is staff: Staff certification/ appointment decision/leave application/ Labor contract;
- If the applicant is owner of the enterprise: Business license and tax return (1 month or the last 3 months);
4. Financial proof documents:
- Recent bank statements;
- Recent credit card statements showing available balance;
- Ownership certificate of land, house, car…;
- Pension certificate;
5. Schedule to visit in Japan (Written by English or Japanese) no need to notarize. Booking air tickets, hotel reservations (If any)

It takes 15 - 20 days to complete it.

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